Conference on Shirley Moskowitz’s work to be held in Calabria

Arch in Nocara, 1982. Intaglio

A conference on the art work that Shirley Moskowitz did in the 1970s and early 1980s in the small town of Nocara, in Calabria, will be held in Nocara on August 4 — which would be Shirley’s 90th birthday. It is being organized by the Mayor of Nocara and the local authorities.

I don’t have all the details yet, but it will be a one-day event, that afternoon/evening, with a speaker from the University of Cosenza.

Shirley spent several periods of time painting in Nocara, while her husband, Jake, was there carrying out ethnographic work.

She mainly did drawings and water color townscapes as well as a series of portraits of local people.

Some of these works, as well as the photographs she took, formed the basis of later prints and major collages, such as Processione (1987/88), based on a procession of the Madonna she had photographed.

Wedding Procession (Nocara), 1988

An exhibition of Shirley’s work from Nocara was held in the village in the early 1980s. Some years ago, she donated many of the art works she had created there to the town, where they are displayed in the local museum.

P.S. — Nocara is on the “instep” of the Italian boot:


2 thoughts on “Conference on Shirley Moskowitz’s work to be held in Calabria

  1. How wonderful to hear about this conference. These photos remind me of what I’ve always loved about Italy. And that’s a pretty soulful photo of you Ruth.

    Let all of Shirley’s fans know the details when you return.

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