Details on conference in Nocara, Calabria

Piazza San Francesco di Paolo 32 (in winter), Nocara, 1970s. Watercolor and ink.

The conference on Shirley Moskowitz’s art work carried out in the 1970s and 80s in the small Calabrian village of Nocara will take place in the town hall of Nocara, at 8 p.m. on  August 4 — what would have been Shirley’s 90th birthday.

Organized by the Nocara municipality, the conference is called “Man and Environment in the art work of Shirley Moskowitz.” Speakers will include two professors from the University of Cosenza, the anthropologist Cesare Pitto and Giuseppe Trebisacce, of the literature and philosophy department (who is the head of a cultural foundation in Calabria).

Shirley’s paintings — landscapes, townscapes and portraits — are already exhibited in the town council chamber where the conference will take place.

I will be driving down to Nocara, with my father and my brother Sam, who is bringing documentation and other material related to Mom’s work in Nocara.


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