We made it to Nocara!

Sam arrived yesterday, Aug. 2, from Syracuse, NY, and Dad and I picked him up near Rome and then we headed south. We got a late start, and then got caught in a tailback on the (notorious) Salerno-Reggio Calabria highway, so we didn’t arrive in Nocara until nearly 10 p.m. – and thus missed the stunning scenery of the last part of the route across to Italy’s instep: barren mountains, scrub, and then the sea way down below. I actually had little idea of where we were exactly — as I was slavishly following the directions of my satellite navigator….Still, we finally saw the lights of the village capping the 800 meter tall hilltop…

But Mayor Franco Trebisacce was waiting for us, and we had a fantastic dinner at his home — his wife cooked wonderful local dishes, serving local sausages, asparagus in cheese, local fresh cheese, homemade pasta, roast chicken…local wine.

We are staying in an apartment upstairs from a nursery school.

Today we walked around a bit — all the angles of town look like mom’s paintings.

We also learned that, despite the fact that Mom had donated her paintings to the town in 1999, and despite the fact that there had been a big exhibition in 2000, plus lots of local media coverage,  they had essentially remained untouched and repacked in their shipping case  since then, until earlier this summer when Mayor Trebisacce (in office just a year) and his aides rediscovered them.

The deputy mayor, Gianni Settembrino, googled Shirley Moskowitz to find out more about who she was and what they had — and found this web site, which is how they got in touch.

They have framed the works beautifully and they are hung in the council room of the town hall, for the exhibition and conference tomorrow night, which kick off the annual summer Festa del Maiale, or Pork Festival….

1 thought on “We made it to Nocara!

  1. Hello- I grew up in Plymouth Valley right next door to Shirley and Jake and remember Ruth as well, who often played with my sister Joy Filan. My parents Merl and Joe Filan were friends of Shirley and Jake. I have fond memories of your family and attribute my parents’ interest in their lives and in Judaism to my family’s appreciation of Jewish people. Both my brother Dave and my daughter Shannon married Jews. Your family was an intellectual and artistic influence on ours. My brother Gary inherited several of Shirley’s paintings that she gave to my mother and father. Just wanted you to know I’m sorry for your loss. My dad died in 1999 and my mother in 2008 .
    Jolly Filan Douglass

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