The exhibit opening and conference are tonight — it would have been Mom’s 90th birthday.

Today, Dad and Sam and I tooled around this barren but beautiful part of the world — a vast landscape that comprises but a small part of the instep of the Italian boot.We stopped in Rocca  Imperiale, topped by its great semi-ruined castle,

and then Oriolo, a spectacular old town on a crag in a sort of cupped valley.

At at a great agriturismo that served local meats, cheese (including a cloudlike ricotta of mixed cow and goat milk), homemade pasta (three types) etc. Dramatic mountain storm while we ate.

On all our walks though Nocara, it has been wonderful to see how many people come up to Dad and tell him that they remember him and Mom. Quite a few of them are the subjects of the portraits Mom did and which are hanging in the exhibit.

It will be great to compare them with the people as they are today, 30 or evern 40 years later…….


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