Art Work

Shirley Moskowitz painting near her home in Morruzze, Italy Shirley Moskowitz’s career as an artist spanned three quarters of a century. She began drawing and painting as a child and later studied during high school and college. Over the decades she worked in many media — water color, oil, acrylic, print-making, sculpture, drawing — and became widely known for her unique collages. Her work was exhibited in the United States and Europe and is found in museums and private collections.

The photo galleries linked to the page represent a selection of her work, as we continue to put together a comprehensive data base. (All images ⓒ The Estate of Shirley Moskowitz Gruber.)

Many of the pieces are for sale.

1 thought on “Art Work

  1. We’ve seen many of Shirley’s works, especially ones done here, and we’re fortunate to have several of her beautiful prints. This collection gives us great pleasure to see, and it’s interesting to see subjects which are personally familiar to us, but not in Shirley’s work, e.g. I particularly like the sketches at Fire Island. The portraits are interesting too. The woodcut of Jake is terrific. Thank you for sharing these.

    Robert and Angela

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