Shirley Moskowitz drew and painted all of her life. Her first published works were two drawings she made at the age of 15, which were published in “Young Israel” magazine. She filled numerous sketch books with drawings — in pencil, crayon, colored ink and even felt-tipped pen, some of which formed the basis for larger works.

Her print-making spanned several media and techniques: linoleum cuts, wood cuts, etchings, monotypes. Some were deceptively simple; others were extremely rich and complex compositions that utilized color and a close attention to detail.

Her monotypes frequently formed the basis for collage works. A major series of monotypes consisted of views of Jewish cemeteries and synagogues, some ruined, which she saw on a trip to east-central Europe in 1993.

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2 thoughts on “Prints/Drawings/Graphics

  1. i visited DUKLA in september and contact, via the tourist office, a man who is researching the jewish history of he region. he just sent me photographs. would you like this contact?

    the monotype is gorgeous, moving.

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